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Singapore is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions. It’s constantly evolving, reinventing, and reimagining itself, with people who are passionate about creating new possibilities. It’s where foodies, explorers, collectors, action seekers, culture shapers, and socialisers meet―and new experiences are created every day. Don't stop at finding out what you can do when you visit. Let our Passion Ambassadors show you what you can be when you're here. Because we’re more than just a destination. We’re where passion is made possible. Singapore is one of the most costly towns on the earth. Whilst there are numerous entertainment and affordable activities to do in Singapore for budget tourists, the city also has its fare share of terribly luxurious things to enjoy. So, we have done our study and found the most bizarre and classy things to do in Singapore that will not only spoil your entire itinerary of Singapore Tour Packages , but also leave you requiring to remortgage your home when you come back.


Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand covers a total area of approximately 513,000 square kilometers (198,000 square miles) and is the 50th largest country in the world and the 12th largest in Asia. Lovely & intriguing, mystic & magical, surprising & enchanting, Thailand is a wondrous destination, featuring turquoise beaches, lovely islands, diverse wildlife, great culture, glittering Buddhist temples, and scrumptious cuisines. The Thai land radiates a unique charm, which urges tourists, holidaymakers, honeymooners, and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world head on to this fantastic destination. Often heralded as the “Land of Smiles”, the people of Thailand welcome tourists wholeheartedly and are happy to share what their country has to offer. Snuggled between Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Malaysia, Thailand is a country with extraordinary contrasts and an idyllic escape for those who wish to get away from everyday. Once you visit this marvelous destination, you will never feel like leaving. So, pay a call to Thailand and get to know what you have missed so far.


To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia - a bubbling, bustling melting-pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony. Our multiculturalism has made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise and home to hundreds of colourful festivals. It's no wonder that we love celebrating and socialising. As a people, Malaysians are very relaxed, warm and friendly. Geographically, Malaysia is almost as diverse as its culture. 11 states and 2 federal territories (Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya) form Peninsular Malaysia which is separated by the South China Sea from East Malaysia which includes the 2 states (Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo) and a third federal territory, the island of Labuan. Towering skyscrapers look down upon wooden houses built on stilts while five-star hotels sit just metres away from ancient reefs. Rugged mountains reach dramatically for the sky while their rainforest-clad slopes sweep down to floodplains teeming with forest life. Cool highland hideaways roll down to warm, sandy beaches and rich, humid mangroves. 



Dubai is alchemy of profound traditions and a futuristic vision. The vivacious city is perched on the Gulf coastline and is the most cosmopolitan and modern destination in the Middle East. Dubai is admired for the high rise buildings and palm shaped islands. Dubai fearlessly adapts to every sci fi concept and keeps getting grand. The tiny powerhouse is high on energy, optimism and acceptance of people from across the globe. The locals are welcoming and very friendly. Dubai is constantly in flux and it gives a sneak peak into what the future holds. It represents different cultures and diversity in the form of fashion, culinary landscape, music and performance.

In Dubai, everything is possible! Dubai is writing its own story with the swanky sky high and the numerous entertainment options. It has become a hot destination for holidays with family and tourists from every part of the world are headed to Dubai. With world class shopping and adventures that could give you an adrenaline rush, Dubai has it all. It has some of the largest theme parks and malls, which will keep you busy through the day.

Hong Kong

In order to maintain Hong Kong's position as the top destination city for visitors in Asia, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region established the Tourism Commission in May 1999. Our job is to enhance our tourism facilities and support the development of new attractions and events so that Hong Kong remains a premier tourist destination.

As Asia's world city, Hong Kong has much to offer to you as a visitor, whether you are coming here on business or for pleasure:

A city of charm: the sophistication of an international city, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle are at the very core of Hong Kong's attractions.

Natural beauty: we also offer unspoilt natural parkland and spectacular scenery


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali for few years awarded as the world best island by
The International Travel Magazine. There, however, are still many people who do not know in depth about the uniqueness of Balinese culture. Life in Bali is always related to Tri Hita Karana or a tripartite concept that include the spiritual relationship between human and God, and their environment.

The rapid growth of development in tourism has had a big impact and influences to Bali tradition and lifestyle. Interestingly, Balinese culture is still as what it was, growing along with the of globalization. It is the Balinese civilization what makes the island different from other destination.



Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. The place is very well known as a perfect honeymoon destination. Mauritius tourism is all about beaches, waterfalls, national parks, and volcanoes. Enjoy this relaxing trip to the most with our Mauritius tourism guide. Tourism in Mauritius is very affordable when compared to other destinations offering such beauty. Rich with dense forests, unique wildlife, pristine beaches, and Mauritius points of interest make it a dream place for the newly married couples. The best time to visit Mauritius for honeymoon is November through April. In recent times, Mauritius has gained a wide popularity. Other than beauty, Mauritius is famous for its hospitality and its artificial handicrafts. Undoubtedly, Mauritius tourism is the prettiest place you are ever going to visit. The country is none other than a cluster of beaches and islands and thus offer lots of adventurous activities. Things to do in Mauritius include walk on the sand, dive into the deep water and explore new species of aquatic animals and then after being tired, eat some new varieties of really delicious seafood in Mauritius, You will get all types of varieties of food including Indian, Chinese, Italian and much more.